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The lost art of letter writing.


I'm what you'd call an idea person -- I have all kinds of crazy imaginings going on in my head at any given point in time. And because I'm an idea person, I'm accustomed to both success and failure. Some of my ideas expand into beautiful dreams come true, and others blow up in my face.

So I wasn't sure how The Bookshelf's first-ever Letter Writing Club was going to turn out.

The idea for Letter Writing Club was two-fold: 1) I made a new year's resolution to keep in better touch with my long-distance friends, preferably via snail mail, and 2) It's time to start making my own mark on the store. I've been at The Bookshelf in Thomasville for six months now, and while I think it's a little soon to start my own book club just yet, I thought a Writing Club -- inspired by a bookstore out in Colorado -- would be a good fit, especially in these winter months when people might have time to sit and write a while.

It was an idea I was excited about, passionate about, but I knew that doesn't always equal success.

Lucky me, then, that last night, at our first-ever meeting, 12 people crowded around tables and wrote notes and letters for an hour. We visited and shared inspiration, licked envelopes shut, and doodled on papers. We got a little crafty and made some of our own cards. And when the hour was up, we parted ways with the hope of next month's meeting on our minds.

Over 20 letters were mailed this morning from The Bookshelf. Twenty! They were going all kinds of places: Illinois, Colorado, Missouri.

Sometimes, ideas flop. But sometimes? Sometimes, they succeed. And I'd humbly call last night a success.

Thank you to all the sweet souls who came out last night and participated! If you missed last night, we'd love for you to join us next month, on February 11, as we host our second meeting. We'll be making our own valentines for the big day!

(And if you're nervous about "joining" yet another thing, can I just say? This is so low-key. We've got everything covered: stamps, stationery, pens, gluesticks, stickers... It's all here. And you can visit with friends or keep to yourself. Truly, it's the most fun, relaxing time. As a newbie to Thomasville, I thought it was a lovely way to meet some new friendly faces and to connect with friends from afar. What could be better than that?) 


Meet Marie.

We're welcoming local baker Marie Taylor to our downtown shop! Marie -- owner of Marie's Kakes -- will be delivering freshly baked goodies to the store every week; her cookies, macarons, and gourmet rice krispie treats are already some of our favorite things, and we're thrilled to bring them to you.
Marie has been creating gorgeous, delicious cakes for showers and parties for years. What began as a hobby for this stay-at-home mom turned into a viable business, and now Marie is breaking into the wholesale-biz, offering her treats in our store.
So why books and sweet treats? Why do we keep filling our store with sugar and flour and baked goods your grandma would make? 
Here's the thing: We believe bookstores should be more than just bookstores. We believe they should be community gathering places, places you bring your kids after school lets out, the meeting place for friends on their lunch break. We love watching customers come and stick around a while. We think that's what makes independent bookstores special -- they become a home away from home, a place where staff members know your name (we're trying!), where you can meet and mingle and hide away for a bit. And although books are the main draw, we believe food always encourages people to stay awhile. It's like inviting you to our table; we may not be able to have you over for dinner, but we can offer you a cookie or two while you flip through the pages of your favorite book. 
So come pay us a visit, won't you? Check out Marie's delicious confections, and turn our pages. We'd like you to stay a while. 
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